Installing your GARW Dash on a 2005 Lotus Elise -latest (with airbag)

Click here for a step-by-step video tutorial playlist.

  • Before Beginning:
    • Installation time will take roughly 1 hour.
    • Have plastic bags and a marker ready to hold small screws, nuts, and bolts.
      • As you remove these items place them in a bag and label which step you took them off so you remember where they were used.
    • Never force any of the stock parts out, if something seems stuck consult with an expert.
    • Record your cars current mileage so you can reset the new unit to the correct mileage.
  1. Disconnect the battery.
  2. There are eight Philips style screws that hold the plastic cowling around the steering wheel. Remove these eight screws. (Note: Two are below the steering wheel.)
  3. The plastic piece between the stock dash and the steering wheel should wiggle loose. Remove this piece and set it aside.
  4. The bottom plastic piece should come loose as well. Be cautious as the trip reset button will be stuck – do not let this piece hang from this wire – disconnect the wire harness and set this piece aside.
  5. The top dash cover part is held in by four clips – this should pull out towards the driver seat. You may need to gently wiggle it up and down and then give a firm pull towards the driver. (Note: The four metal clips tend to fall into the dash housing area. Using a magnet to fish these back out will save you lots of time. These can typically be purchased at auto stores for $5.)
  6. Remove the four bolts holding the stock dash in place.
    1. Place a clean microfiber towel over the work area where the stock dash can rest as we are removing it and you may need to set it on its face to remove the wiring harnesses.
  7. Remove the two “L” shaped arms on both sides of the dash – they are held in by a total of four Philips screws (two per side). (Note: You may need to pull the dash out a little bit to get a better angle at these screws.)
    1. Make sure you have recorded your cars mileage recorded!
  8. Slide the dash out from the housing and remove the two wiring harnesses. These may be tough to pull out – be sure to not break them or rip apart any wires.
    1. Remove the stock dash.
  9. Transfer the backing from your stock dash to your new GARW dash.
  10. Take the wiring harness provided with your new GARW dash and plug it into the stock wiring harness.
  11. NOTE: Step 11 is for 05-07 vehicles, other model years should skip this step! Use the three splicing connectors provided to wire the blue wire to the stock blue wire, the orange wire to the stock orange wire, and the red wire to the stock red wire. (Note: The stock orange wire may look very similar to the red wire. Shine a flashlight on it and you should see a yellow line going down the stock orange wire.)
    1. If you are unfamiliar with how to use a splicing connector, there are many tutorials on YouTube – they are quick and simple to work with, and prevent any cutting of the wires. You put the stock wire through the end of the connector that is not blocked off, and you take the new wire and feed it through the other end that is blocked off. Then you pinch the metal bar down with a pliers, and close the unit shut with the cap part.****Orders placed after March 2020 will not need any splicing , all variants are plug and play *******
  12. Attach the two “L” shaped arms onto the new dash.
  13. Bolt your new dash in place using the four bolts that held the stock dash in.
  14. Reconnect your battery – try turning the vehicle on.
    1. Test that your dash turns on and that you get RPM feedback.
      1. If the dash turns on but you get no RPM feedback then you need to turn the vehicle off, disconnect the battery, and remove the dash. One of your splicing connectors does not have a solid connection. Re-do them and make sure that they all have good contact, after you have redone them make sure you start back at step 12 again.
    2. Make sure your HVAC system has lighting and functions properly.
  15. Put the stock dash cover that is held in by four clips back in.
  16. Replace the stock cowling you removed in the first steps, don’t forget to plug the trip reset button’s wire in.
  17. Congratulations! You have installed your new dash.