• GARW Dash options panel


Our App allows you to connect wireless to any Garw lcd instrument cluster from your smart phone, tablet or android head unit 

Available for

iOS here

Android here


How easy is it to install

View our installation tutorial playlist on Youtube by clicking here. The install should take between one and two hours depending on experience.

The Garw LCD cluster is designed to be a direct replacement to the original.

Can I replace my old cluster if I ever want to go back


Your OEM cluster can be reinstalled 

Can I add additional sensors


The Garw LCD cluster has extra inputs to allow additional sensors to be added i.e  Oil Temp and Oil Pressure 

Latest Firmware releases

  • Garw IC7

    click here to download the latest firmware 

  • Garw IC8

    click here to download the latest firmware

  • Garw IC12.3

    click here to download the latest firmware