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  • LCD Instrument Cluster 8" screen

    Currently available for Lotus Elise/Exige and Vauxhall VX220/Opel Speedster only. **Adapter loom ordered separatly **

     WiFi dongle included for connection to the smart phone app

    * ***please note this is not a direct replacement to the original instrument cluster in any Lotus Elise or Exige The binnacle will need permanent modifications to allow space for the corners of the larger 8 inch enclosure. Please inquire on the price of a replacement oem binnacle before making any changes to your own****

     The Garw IC8 instrument cluster is a 8inch diagonal display unit designed for track use to display vehicle information real-time

    The IC8 provides all the standard driver information expected along with tell tale lamps and warning symbols

    All the data is collected via a wide range of inputs , configurable to 
    your vehicles requirements



    Up to 6 screens possible at one time all configured in vehicle with individual settings for high/low warnings, units(KM/MPH,Celsius/Fahrenheit etc.) ,colour scheme, rpm limit warning, shift indicator

    Uploading of new graphics via USB

    Wi-Fi connectivity for smartphone interface to change parameters , read battery and fuel level (additional features planned)

    Customisable boot logo


           **The Garw IC8 has been developed for track and off road use ,  all standard  real-time information and tell tale lamps are displayed for this, but we cannot guarantee its suitable for public roads in your jurisdiction. If you wish to install the product for use on public roads it is your responsibility to ensure it meets your local regulations.**

  • User Manual click here. V2 pinout here

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